Workshop May 30: Agile HW/SW co-design of safety-critical solutions: new research opportunities

Agile HW/SW co-design of safety-critical solutions: new research opportunities

May 30, 2016, NTNU, Realfagsbygget, rom R54[1]




inviting to a 1-day seminar on agile co-design of hardware and software in safety-critical systems. The expansion of Internet-of-Things (IoT), the increasing importance of high-integrity systems, and the trend of increasing software components in hardware systems open new challenges and opportunities where coordination between HW and SW innovation, design, development and testing becomes crucial and where time to market becomes an even more important competitive factor. Techniques and principles from agile software development may promise opportunities to increase flexibility in requirements management, system design, and safety assessment, and serve as a fundament to better streamline and coordinate hardware and software development.

The workshop has two parts. Part one, before lunch, is dedicated to presenting and discussing the idea of agile co-design. Nancy Van Schooenderwoert[2] will talk about how agile principles may be applied to development of hardware, where well established techniques from software development may enable a more flexible approach to hardware development, including better synchronization with software development. SINTEF and NTNU will present SafeScrum[3],

an agile process for development and certification of safety systems.

Part two, after lunch, is dedicated to developing ideas of a

new joint R&D project, aiming for funding from the Research Council. Participation in either part is optional.


Part 1
Agile HW/SW co-design of safety-critical systems
Simple breakfast and mingle All 0830-0900
Welcome – objective – agenda SINTEF 0900-0915
Keynote: Yes, hardware can be agile Nancy Van Schooenderwoert (Lean-Agile Partners) 0915-1015
Coffe break and mingle All 1015-1030
Product development using SafeScrum SINTEF/NTNU 1030-1100
Discussions All 1100-1200
Lunch break 1200-1300
Part 2
Joint R&D
Research project opportunities (Norges Forskningsråd – Brukerstyrt Innovasjonsarena[4])


SINTEF 1300-1400
Preliminary planning


All 1400-1500


Participation is free of charge.

Registration or questions can be directed to
Geir K. Hanssen,, 92492454.





  • Good workshop! But next time we need a room with a better projector!(?)